Identity of a cultured person

There is an inscription in Hinduism that a cultured person bears the name of the lineage in which he is born. Such a person can never belong to a lineage that does not respect the people of his lineage. Nowadays it is often seen that brothers and sisters have become enemies of each other. From this, it appears that the rites given by the ancestors are coming to an end. We should maintain harmony with the people of our lineage so that the sacraments also survive and there can be happiness in the house of God. A cultured person is easily recognized because the person gets respect, words like ego, duality, jealousy and slander etc. do not come out of his mouth. That person treats everyone with respect. A person treated with respect is full of paternal values. That person remains happy in this and the next life. It is said that one can never be happy with the rebuke of a person of his lineage. Reprimand leads to very dangerous suffering. Let us all be cultured.

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